Why Choose topFundr and FunderPro?

Why Choose topFundr and FunderPro?

The road to becoming a full-time trader might seem unrealistic, something that only happens in a utopian world. You may find yourself asking:

  • Do I have enough capital?
  • Do I have what it takes to become a full-time trader?
  • Do I want to risk my capital?
  • Do I have the right discipline to be successful?
  • Do I have the knowledge required to trade?

At topFundr, we are all about showing that dreams can become a reality. We will introduce you to FunderPro’s funding services, where you can manage a funded trading account with an initial balance of up to 200k and keep 80% of all profits. Use FunderPro’s platform to prove that you can build a consistent and profitable trading strategy. We believe that anything is possible with the right approach.

The foundation of FunderPro’s program, fully supported by topFundr,
 was sculpted around these integral cornerstones:


  1. Simplicity

The Challenges are streamlined, so that traders find the opportunity of getting funded as simple as possible.

FunderPro and topFundr strive to offer you the best, which is why the targets encourage consistency, the profit splits are generous, and there are no time limits to complete a Challenge. We are more than confident that FunderPro is the future of prop trading.


  1. Support

We truly value all our traders for choosing FunderPro and topFundr. All trading support is offered by FunderPro’s helpful Customer Service and Trade Support teams, who are available 24/7. Do not hesitate to contact them via Live Chat, Email, or a Support Ticket.


  1. Scale

Once you have all the necessary tools in your arsenal, it is time to SCALE. FunderPro will increase your account balance by 50% every time you can generate 10% profit for three consecutive months up to $5 million.

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