What is the Maximum Number of Accounts Allowed?

What is the Maximum Number of Accounts Allowed?

FunderPro does not limit the number of Challenges that traders can purchase through topFundr, you can participate in multiple challenges at the same time. Each trader can have a maximum combined starting equity of 200K.


This means that you can have as many Funded Account Challenges running at once as you want if you do not exceed $200,000 in equity.


An Example:


You can have a total of eight 25k Challenges, or four 50k Challenges, active at the same time. You can also have a mixed range of different Account Challenges; two 50k Accounts, and one 100k Accounts.


You would not be able to purchase one 100k Challenges and five 25k Challenges (combined starting equity is $225,000 – above the limit).


If you reach the limit, do not worry! You can purchase more Challenges once the ones you have purchased have been completed.

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