What Features are Available on FunderPro through topFundr?

What Features are Available on FunderPro through topFundr?

At topFundr, we strive to help our traders succeed, which is why we introduce talented trader to FunderPro, which has the best and most up-to-date technology and tools for you to accomplish your goals.


Trader’s Portal

FunderPro’s platform has a built-in dashboard that combines both performance and intuitive use. Simply purchase an Account Challenge and use the intuitive Dashboard to track and manage your performance. You can learn how to navigate your dashboard by clicking here.


Funded Accounts 

Once you have successfully progressed through both stages of the Account Challenge, and you meet all the requirements, you will receive access to a fully-fledged FunderPro Funded Account. Where you can trade with our capital and retain 80% of all profits you generate.

After you become a Funded Trader, you will receive access to a live account with real funds. FunderPro will send all your trades to the live market backed by real capital, so payouts are 100% guaranteed because you generate your profits.


Affiliate Dashboard

The Affiliate Portal is fully integrated within your Dashboard. You can find all the information and tools that you need to start and grow your Affiliate business. You are provided with a detailed overview of your performance, commission, campaign setup, and conveniently allows you to earn through FunderPro Affiliate Scheme.

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