I Have Passed Phase 2 (Verification Stage) What’s Next?

I Have Passed Phase 2 (Verification Stage) What’s Next?

A huge congratulations on successfully completing Phase 2 (Verification Stage) of the Funded Account Challenge! In the next 48 hours, your FunderPro Funded Account should be processed. To be granted your Live Account, you must meet the criteria below:


  • Met the Profit Target of 8% in Phase 2 (or 14% for the 1-phase).
  • Closed All Active Trades in your Phase 2 Account.
  • No violations or infringements of our Challenge Rules, including the consistency rule.


Once you have met all the criteria, our team has assessed your Challenge and we are content, we will grant you your very own Live Funded Account, with real capital that matches the capital chosen at the start of the challenge.


Note: You will be a  FunderPro Trader (through topFundr), and you will be required to undergo an Identification Process, where you must provide Identity Documents.


To learn more about the Identification Process, click here.

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